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Thank you soooooooo much for updating this recipe and adding more instructions! I got the original from Food52 and was pleasantly surprised to find that you publish your own content :)

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Could you make this in a 9" pan? What would be the difference in baking time? And would it be easier to bake in a regular cake pan and not springform to prevent any of the syrup from falling/burning?

I'm so excited to make this cake! I'm having a dinner party soon and I'm using a lot of your recipes :)

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do you think this cake would work well in cupcakes? maybe with a single slice of orange on each one? are the candied oranges easy to bite through? Thank you so much for posting cool and challenging recipes, I love everything you make!!

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Hey this looks delicious, and I fully intend on making it, I was just wondering the cooking temperature, is that bake or fan bake?

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Wanting to make this gluten free with alternative flour…. Would that ruin this cake? Any suggestions?

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Looks amazing! Combination of orange and cardamom must be awesome! Will try tomorrow!

Do you use all 9 whole orange slices on the first row?

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We just made this and the cake is absolutely stunning.. couple of questions:

1) are the peels supposed to still be a little bit bitter or did we not cook them for long enough?

2) how do you prevent the sliced oranges from falling apart on the stove?

3) what are the specific cake pan dimensions? 10x3”?

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Omg I'm gonna try making this! Would this work with grapefruit?

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Made this today for my wife’s birthday and it turned out SO delicious. I really appreciated the detailed instructions, especially the photos. A recipe that we’ll definitely be revisiting!

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Dec 15, 2022Liked by Carolina Gelen

Do you think you could make this gluten free with a 1:1 flour or almond flour? thanks!!

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Would love to make this for the holidays! Do you have a vegan substitute to the eggs you suggest?

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Soo excited to make this! Can it be stored at room temp for a couple days?

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How gorgeous! Thank you!

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A 9” pan would be perfect for this recipe, there wouldn’t be much of a time difference, it should take around the same amount of time.

Definitely, a regular pan (not springform) is perfect, just make sure you still place it on a second baking sheet, it will prevent the oranges from burning on the bottom.

That makes me so happy! Keep me posted, I’m here if you need me xx

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